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A charming playground in a charming city: Yantai, Shandong Province

Yantai, also named in 2004 the most “Charming City of China”, has earned the area acclaim by the United Nations, which lists it as one of the most habitable places in the world. Undulating hills rise above the area’s many rivers and are framed by beaches and neighboring islands.

In this fairytale place, we had the opportunity, together with our partner Play Journey, to install a 1500 square meter beach playground invested by Longfor Group, one of the biggest real estate companies in China. The main concept of this playground is to provide all children with a tourist destination with a unique theme and fun play features. Incorporating with a 300-meter long rainbow bridge and two big sea-star climbing structures, we provided more than 20 swing seat, among them the hexagonal swing 55202414308, three swings Luna 555356024, a 30-meter double cableway Sierra 5552655, a unique swing snake 5553345 for friends, two big trampolines 5620660 and two spring rockers 5672420 and 5672430. Each and every play equipment has become extremely popular among children as well as adults.