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Parque Forestal Mirador del Nacedero

On Sunday, the 21st of January 2018 there was Boadilla’s park opening (Parque Forestal Mirador del Nacedero) where our partner from Spain, Proelium, has installed a play unit Awa Tawa 2, unique Eagle Swing, unique Hexagonal System 210, playo play unit Lana, sand excavator Mole, and one unique seesaw two-seater.

This rustic-urban space, with a surface area of 20,000 square meters, is located at the south of Infante Don Luis Palace, the most emblematic area of Boadilla del Monte.

The park was inaugurated by its mayor, Mr. Antonio Gonzalez Terol, and some councilors, but the most important is that it was full of children enjoying themselves at our playground.