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Well Ahead at Wellhead

It’s taken four mums three years to realize their dream, but when Wellhead Park in Lincolnshire officially opened on Tuesday October 17th, it marked the end of a long but rewarding journey that finally heralded the much-needed play area that the quartet relentlessly campaigned for.

It was Anna Rogers, Lisa Copestake, Paula Brett and Claire Carter, from the town of Bourne, that established the cleverly named Bourne2Play.

The Eibe Play team was first approached by Bourne2Play when the group realized that they wanted more natural-looking timber rather than the brightly coloured garish metal they were used to. Working to that brief, and with support from South Kesteven District Council, the Eibe design team set about creating something wholly unique, drawing on the history of the site and Bourne Castle in particular, which was destroyed in the mid-17th century.