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Sand Building Site Little Woodpecker

Item number: 51003804110

Product information "Sand Building Site Little Woodpecker"

Larch Larch GL
Scope of delivery:

set of posts with post bases: SW, galvanised steel, platform with sifter insert: SW, stainless steel, sand crane: stainless steel, PAH-free rubber, sand chute: SW, sand pouring pipe: plastic, HPL, SW, mounting accessories, article passport

Minimum space:
448x415x222 cm
Impact protection net:
14,5 m2
Free falling height:
57 cm
Biggest part
75x75x6 cm
Heaviest part
10 kg
Foundation level
FL 1
3x CF or 3x PFs
Nature of the ground:
  • at least sand
Catalogue index term:
  • playo, Sand building site, Play unit, Little woodpecker
Play value:

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