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Sand Construction Site Albida

Item number: 54511106300

Product information "Sand Construction Site Albida"

Robinia natural
Scope of delivery:

20x posts: robinia, 1x pump platform PH 30 cm: robinia, 6x wood water trough: robinia, 1x mud table: HPL, 1x pentagonal-platform PH 50 cm: robinia, 1x sand crane: stainless steel, rubber, 1x sand sieve: stainless steel, 6x tub: robinia

Minimum space:
1005x881x264 cm
Impact protection net:
65,0 m2
Free falling height:
84 cm
Foundation level
FL 3
13x CF
Nature of the ground:
  • -
Catalogue index term:
  • paradiso, Sand play unit paradiso, Play unit paradiso
Play value:

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