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Sand Construction Site Vedra

Item number: 52512674100

Product information "Sand Construction Site Vedra"

Larch Stainless steel
Scope of delivery:

16x post construction: SW or steel, 4x platform construction: galvanised steel, 1x platform river: HPL, 1x platform sand sieve: HPL, stainless steel, 2x platform: HPL, 2x mud tray: stainless steel, 2x wall panel chute: HPL, stainless steel, plastic, 2x wall panel: SW, 1x climber ramp: SW, 1x overhead conveyor with sand bucket: stainless steel, rubber PAK-free, 1x sand lift with sand bucket: SW, stainless steel, rubber PAK-free, 1x set of grips: steel

Minimum space:
898x700x233 cm
Impact protection net:
29,5 m2
Free falling height:
95 cm
Foundation level
FL 1
18x CF or 18x PFs
Catalogue index term:
  • unique, Play unit unique, Vedra
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