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BodyWeightStation compakt

Item number: 55203014309

Product information "BodyWeightStation compakt"

Steel powder.
Scope of delivery:

7x posts: hot-dip galv. and powder-coat. steel ø 89 mm, 1x climbing board: synthetic resin, 1x hand-over-hand arch: stainless steel, 1x rung ladder vertical: stainless steel, 3x horizontal bar: stainless steel, 1x parallel bars rod: stainless steel, 1x climbing bone: stainless steel, 1x push-ups: stainless steel, 7x post cover: PA6

Minimum space:
820x700x286 cm
Impact protection net:
40,0 m2
Free falling height:
177 cm
Foundation level
FL 3
6x CF
Catalogue index term:
  • Bodyweightstation, Calisthenics, Sports, Freeletics, Outdoor fitness
Play value:

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