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Broad slide platform, ph 95 cm

Item number: 51103901100

Product information "Broad slide platform, ph 95 cm"

SW pi
Scope of delivery:

ecorino, Broad slide platform, Slide platform4x post construction: SW

4x post shoe: steel galvanised

1x platform construction: SW

1x wall panel: HPL

3x walk-through protection leaf: stainless steel

1x set of grips: aluminium, plastic coated

1x ladder vertical: SW, rungs stainless steel

1x slide entry plate: HPL

fittings: stainless steel

Minimum space:
433x399x275 cm
Impact protection net:
15,5 m2
Free falling height:
95 cm
Foundation level
FL 1
4x CF or 4x PFs
2 persons/4 h
Nature of the ground:
  • at least turf
Catalogue index term:
  • ecorino, Broad slide platform, Slide platform
Play value:
Fitness Velocity Order lernen

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