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Climbing unit TeenCity Mimas

Item number: 55205014308

Product information "Climbing unit TeenCity Mimas"

Steel powder. red
Scope of delivery:

12x post: galvanised and powdercoated steel, 1x chain net octagon: stainless steel, 2x climbing net: plastic coated steel cable, 1x horizontal bar: stainless steel, 1x double whisk: stainless steel, 1x single curver: VA, galvanised steel, rubber, 1x ladder: stainless steel, 1x rope ascent: plastic-coated steel cable, 1x rope element vertical: plastic-coated steel cable, 1x ladder crossing twisted: stainless steel, 2x net ascent: plastic-coated steel cable, 1x overhead monorail: stainless steel, 11x post cover: PA6

Minimum space:
1500x970x440 cm
Impact protection net:
87,0 m2
Free falling height:
238 cm
Biggest part
750x40x30 cm
Heaviest part
70 kg
12x CF
Nature of the ground:
  • mind. Rindenmulch
Catalogue index term:
  • Climbing And Gym Equipment
Play value:

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