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Hexagonal system 210

Item number: 55501004100

Product information "Hexagonal system 210"

Larch GL
Scope of delivery:

1x rung element: SW, ash, 2x horizontal bar: galvanised and powder-coated steel, 2x fireman”s pole: powder-coated steel, 1x climbing net: polyester-coatedsteel cable, 1x climbing rope: polyester-coatedsteel cable, wood structure H 200 cm: SW, post bases: galvanised steel

Minimum space:
630x395 cm
Impact protection net:
31,5 m2
Free falling height:
205 cm
Biggest part
250x139x14 cm
Heaviest part
120 kg
Foundation level
FL 1
7x CF or 7x PFs
Nature of the ground:
  • at least sand
Catalogue index term:
  • Climbing unit, Climbing trestle, Hexagonal unit
Play value:

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