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Nest Seat and Swing Luna with 360° Swing Hinge

Item number: 53001014324

Product information "Nest Seat and Swing Luna with 360° Swing Hinge"

Steel powder. blue
Scope of delivery:

6x posts: steel galvanised and powder-coated, 1x swing beams: galvanised steel, 1x safety swing seat rubber, chain: galvanised steel, 2x swing joint: POM-bearing, stainless steel, 1x nest swing with chain: rope ring, steel cable-link mat, plastic-coated steel cable hot-dip galvanised, PE, 2x cardan joint with safety chain: galvanised steel

Minimum space:
820x530x317 cm
Impact protection net:
40,5 m2
Free falling height:
194 cm
Biggest part
520x37x18 cm
Heaviest part
50 kg
Foundation level
FL 3
6x CF
Nature of the ground:
  • at least lawn
Catalogue index term:
  • Nest seat swing, Swing, Luna
Play value:

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