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play unit Off-Road

Item number: 55915904100

Product information "play unit Off-Road"

Larch Larch GL
Scope of delivery:

20x post construction: softwood, 13x post shoes: galvanized steel, 1x post construction: softwood, 1x trunk ascent: softwood, 2x log ascent: softwood, 1x balance beam: softwood, 1x net ascent sloped: plastic-coated steel rope, 1x rope ladder: plastic-coated steel rope, 1x zig-zag ascent: softwood, plastic-coated steel rope, 2x side panel with wheel: high-pressure laminate (HPL), 1x side panel rear wheel: high-pressure laminate (HPL), softwood, 1x side panel front: high-pressure laminate (HPL), Makrolon, 1x bonnet: high-pressure laminate (HPL), softwood, 1x driver seat: high-pressure laminate (HPL), 1x bench: high-pressure laminate (HPL), 1x dashboard: high-pressure laminate, softwood, 1 x cable winch with hand rope: high-pressure laminate (HPL), softwood, plastic-coated steel rope, 6x palm leaf decoration: high-pressure laminate (HPL), fittings: stainless steel (V2A),

Minimum space:
878x718x385 cm
Impact protection net:
38,0 m2
Free falling height:
198 cm
Biggest part
Ø14x469 cm
Foundation level
FL 1
2x CF
Nature of the ground:
  • mininum sand
Catalogue index term:
  • Themed Play Units
Play value:

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