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Playing Ship Trilogie

Item number: 54518605300

Product information "Playing Ship Trilogie"

Robinia natural
Scope of delivery:

1x ship bow with platform PH 75 cm

1x decoration anchor with chain

1x climbing net L approx. 150 cm

1x ship mast L approx. 500 cm

1x play element sand silo (stainless steel)

1x ship center with platform PH 90 cm

2x climbing wall

1x balance element wobbly ropes

1x wobbly bridge L approx. 300 cm

1x balancing log with crossed rope harp L approx. 300 cm

1x ship mast L approx. 620 cm

1x ship stern with large platform PH 145 cm

1x small platform PH 100 cm

1x steering cabin with roof

1x turnable steering wheel (HPL grey)

1x decoration life ring (HPL)

1x rung ladder inside to PH 145 cm

2x climbing wall with 15 blue climbing grips (resin, quartz sand)

1x crossed log ascent with chains to PH 145 cm

1x VA climbing pole

1x play element compass

1x stainless steel speaking tube

1x playing element sand sieve (stainless steel)

Minimum space:
1950x1060 cm
Impact protection net:
133,0 m2
Free falling height:
145 cm
Foundation level
FL 3
50x CF
un-oiled (raw)
Nature of the ground:
  • at least lawn
Catalogue index term:
  • paradiso
  • Play unit paradiso
  • Play ship paradiso
Play value:
Balance Social competence Fitness Fantasy Social behaviour Velocity

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