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Train Mountains and Valleys, solo

Item number: 51180501100

Product information "Train Mountains and Valleys, solo"

SW pi
Scope of delivery:

28x post construction: softwood

28x post shoe: galvanized steel

5x platform construction: softwood

2x net frame: softwood, high-pressure laminate (HPL), plastic-coated steel rope

1x net ascent: softwood, plastic-coated steel rope

1x boiler: softwood, high-pressure laminate (HPL)

1x chimney: softwood

6x parapet: softwood

3x play board: high-pressure laminate (HPL)

1x steering wheel: galvanized steel, plastic

1x bell: cast iron, stainless steel (V2A), plastic

1x walk-through protection: stainless steel (V2A)

22x wheel: softwood

3x Tender side panel: softwood

2x walk-through protection: softwood

2x window decoration Animal head: high-pressure laminate (HPL)

2x window decoration Window frame: high-pressure laminate (HPL)

1x roof: softwood

1x stack of wood complete: softwood

1x wobbly bridge: softwood, high-pressure laminate (HPL), galvanized steel

4x construction site lights: high-pressure laminate (HPL)

8x barrier: softwood

8x chain: stainless steel (V2A)

8x step: high-pressure laminate (HPL)

Minimum space:
1907x660x322 cm
Impact protection net:
87,5 m2
Free falling height:
142 cm
32x PFs or 32x CF
Catalogue index term:
  • Train Mountains and Valleys
Play value:

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